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Selected Publications

Willmes CG, Mack TG, Ledderose J, Schmitz D, Wozny C, Eickholt BJ (2017)
Investigation of hippocampal synaptic transmission and plasticity in mice deficient in the actin-binding protein Drebrin.
Sci Rep 7:42652. PMID:28198431

Sampathkumar C, Wu YJ, Vadhvani M, Trimbuch T, Eickholt B, Rosenmund C (2016)
Loss of MeCP2 disrupts cell autonomous and autocrine BDNF signaling in mouse glutamatergic neurons.
Elife 5, e19374. PMID: 27782879

Schrötter S, Leondaritis G, Eickholt BJ. (2016)
Capillary isoelectric focusing of Akt isoforms identifies highly dynamic phosphorylation in neuronal cells and brain tissue.
J Biol Chem. 6, 291 (19):10239-51. PMID: 26945062

Grauel MK, Maglione M, Reddy-Alla S, Willmes CG, Brockmann MM, Trimbuch T, Rosenmund T, Pangalos M, Vardar G, Stumpf A, Walter AM, Rost BR, Eickholt BJ, Haucke V, Schmitz D, Sigrist SJ, Rosenmund C (2016)
RIM-binding protein 2 regulates release probability by fine-tuning calcium channel localization at murine hippocampal synapses.
Proc Natl Acad Sci U S A 113:11615-11620. PMID: 27671655

Adolf A, Leondaritis G, Rohrbeck A, Eickholt BJ, Just I, Ahnert-Hilger G, Höltje M. (2016)
The intermediate filament protein vimentin is essential for axonotrophic effects of Clostridium botulinum C3 exoenzyme.
J Neurochem. Oct;139(2):234-244. PMID:27419376

Spinelli L, Black FM, Berg JN, Eickholt BJ, Leslie NR. (2015)
Functionally distinct groups of inherited PTEN mutations in autism and tumour syndromes.
J Med Genet. 52(2):128-34. PMID: 25527629

An W, Jackson RE, Hunter P, Gögel S, van Diepen M, Liu K, Meyer MP, Eickholt BJ. (2015)
Engineering FKBP-Based Destabilizing Domains to Build Sophisticated Protein Regulation Systems.
PLoS One. Dec 30;10(12). PMID: 26717575

Kreis P, Hendricusdottir R, Kay L, Papageorgiou IE, van Diepen M, Mack T, Ryves J, Harwood A, Leslie NR, Kann O, Parsons M, Eickholt BJ. (2013).
Phosphorylation of the actin binding protein Drebrin at S647 is regulated by neuronal activity and PTEN.
PLoS One2013 5;8(8). PMID: 23940795

Berglund FM, Weerasinghe NR, Davidson L, Lim JC, Eickholt BJ, Leslie NR. (2013).
Disruption of epithelial architecture caused by loss of PTEN or by oncogenic mutant p110α/PIK3CA but not by HER2 or mutant AKT1.
Oncogene12;32(37):4417-26. PMID: 23085752

Kay, L., Humphreys, L., Eickholt, B.J. and Burrone, J. (2011).
Neuronal activity drives matching of pre- and post-synaptic function during synapse maturation.
Nat Neurosci 14, 688-90. PMID: 21532580

Hernandez-Miranda, L., Cariboni, A., Faux, C., Ruhrberg, C., Cho, J., Cloutier, J. F., Eickholt, B. J., Parnavelas J. G., and Andrews, W., (2011).
Robo1 regulates semaphorin signaling to guide the migration of cortical interneurons through the ventral forebrain.
J Neurosc, 20, 31(16):6174-6187. PMID: 21508241

van Diepen, M. T., Parsons, M., Downes, C. P., Leslie, N. R., Hindges, R. and Eickholt, B. J. (2009).
MyosinV controls PTEN function and neuronal cell size.
Nat Cell Biol 11, 1191-6.
PMID: 19767745

Schwarz, Q., Vieira, J. M., Howard, B., Eickholt, B. J. and Ruhrberg, C. (2008).
Neuropilin 1 and 2 control cranial gangliogenesis and axon guidance through neural crest cells.
135, 1605-13. PMID: 18356247

Cosker, K. E., Shadan, S., van Diepen, M., Morgan, C., Li, M., Allen-Baume, V., Hobbs, C., Doherty, P., Cockcroft, S. and Eickholt, B. J. (2008).
Regulation of PI3K signalling by the phosphatidylinositol transfer protein PITPalpha during axonal extension in hippocampal neurons.
J Cell Sci 121, 796-803. PMID: 18285448

Eickholt, B. J., Ahmed, A. I., Davies, M., Papakonstanti, E. A., Pearce, W., Starkey, M. L., Bilancio, A., Need, A. C., Smith, A. J., Hall, S. M. et al. (2007).
Control of Axonal Growth and Regeneration of Sensory Neurons by the p110delta PI 3-Kinase.
2, e869. PMID: 17846664

Chadborn, N. H., Ahmed, A. I., Holt, M. R., Prinjha, R., Dunn, G. A., Jones, G. E. and Eickholt, B. J. (2006).
PTEN couples Sema3A signalling to growth cone collapse.
J Cell Sci
119, 951-957. PMID:16495486

Cole, A. R., Causeret, F., Yaeirgi, G., Hastie, C. J., McLauchlan, H., McManus, E. J., Hernandez, F., Eickholt, B. J., Nikolic, M. and Sutherland, C. (2006).
Distinct priming kinases contribute to differential regulation of collapsin response mediator proteins by glycogen synthase kinase-3 in vivo.
J Biol Chem. PMID: 16611631

Osborne, N. J., Begbie, J., Chilton, J. K., Schmidt, H. and Eickholt, B. J. (2005).
Semaphorin/neuropilin signaling influences the positioning of migratory neural crest cells within the hindbrain region of the chick.
Dev Dyn
232, 939-49. PMID: 15729704

Eickholt, B. J.*, Towers, G. J.*, Ryves, W. J., Eikel, D., Adley, K., Ylinen, L. M., Chadborn, N. H., Harwood, A. J., Nau, H. and Williams, R. S. (2005).
Effects of valproic acid derivatives on inositol trisphosphate depletion, teratogenicity, glycogen synthase kinase-3beta inhibition, and viral replication: a screening approach for new bipolar disorder drugs derived from the valproic acid core structure.
Mol Pharmacol 67, 1426-33. PMID: 15687223


Mack TG, Kreis P, Eickholt BJ. (2016)
Defective actin dynamics in dendritic spines: cause or consequence of age-induced cognitive decline?
Biol Chem. 2016 Mar;397(3):223-9. PMID:26447486

Leondaritis G, Eickholt BJ. (2015)
Short Lives with Long-Lasting Effects: Filopodia Protrusions in Neuronal Branching Morphogenesis.
PLoS Biol. Sep 3;13(9):e1002241. PMID:26334727

Kreis P, Leondaritis G, Lieberam I, Eickholt BJ. (2014).
Subcellular targeting and dynamic regulation of PTEN: implications for neuronal cells and neurological disorders.
Front Mol Neurosci. 1;7:23. PMID: 24744697

Waite K, Eickholt BJ (2010).
The neurodevelopmental implications of PI3K signaling.
Curr Top Microbiol Immunol 346: 245-265. PMID: 20582530

Jackson  R. E. and  Eickholt, B. J. (2009).
Semaphorin Signalling.
Current Biology. PMID: 19602408

Eickholt, B. J. (2008).
Functional diversity and mechanisms of action of the semaphorins.

Development 135, 2689-94. PMID:  18660466

van Diepen, M. T. and Eickholt, B. J. (2008).
Function of PTEN during the formation and maintenance of neuronal circuits in the brain.

Dev Neurosci
30, 59-64. PMID: 18075255

Ahmed, A. and Eickholt, B. J. (2008).
Intracellular kinases in semaphorin signaling.
Adv Exp Med Biol 600, 24-37. PMID: 17607944

Cosker, K. E. and Eickholt, B. J. (2007).
Phosphoinositide 3-kinase signalling events controlling axonal morphogenesis.
Biochem Soc Trans 35, 207-10. PMID: 17371239

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